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While most players understand that Canada's most popular casinos are the ones in Vancouver and Montreal, what they do not know is that there are other top online gambling destinations in the country. The addition of the now bankrupt CompuCredit to the fold left many Canadian online gamblers scrambling for new sites. Since the August 2021 deadline for applications has just passed, here are some of the best Canadian casinos that have emerged on the scene over the last year or so.

best casinos in michigan

One of the first sites to open up in Canada with a solid social networking program was the newly minted Social Medias Online (SMO). Formed by Canadian businessman Craig Gustafson, SMO quickly became one of the best online casino sites available in the country. In addition to its generous promotions and top quality service, SMO put a lot of energy into expanding and creating additional gaming options for those who wished to play at one of its Canada-only locations. Although the casino legislation has yet to be altered, SMO has already captured a large portion of the online gambling market by providing a number of highly desirable sites.

Another firm that has made a name for itself by offering the best casinos in Canada is GC Gaming. Formed by Canadian men James Gaudry and Richard Legg, GC Gaming specializes in providing an extensive variety of games including some rather exotic ones. The GC casinos in Canada are located all throughout the wide reaches of the oft-fought southwestern Ontario area.


best casinos in michigan

best casinos in michigan

Another well-established gambling destination in the Michigan gaming scene is the World Series of Poker (WPT). The annual WPT tournament attracts thousands of visitors to the World Series of Poker's biggest events. In recent years the best casinos in Michigan have been hosting video poker machines for players from all around the world. These include players from the United States, Europe, Asia, South America and Canada.

One of the best casinos in Canada that also offers some of the best online casinos is Ultimate Bet. Located in Grande Prairie, within close proximity to the University of Alberta, Ultimate Bet offers a wide selection of both free and real money games. They also have live dealers that provide plenty of guidance for novices and experts alike.

best casinos in michigan

Not quite as widely-known or well-loved is Plucky Duck Casino. This site offers a collection of over fifty different slots, including four seasonal slots as well as progressive slots, video poker, craps and more. In addition to their slots they also offer some other popular casino games such as the Online Blackjack and Online Craps. While some people may not think of these as \"online casinos\" they do offer an excellent selection of casino games that are free to play! In addition to being located in Canada, the company is based in Omaha, Nebraska.

Another top-rated casino in Michigan is the Wintry Paradise casino. Founded by the late Frank van Keijen, Wintry Paradise is one of the few online casinos in Michigan that meets all of the state's requirements for legal gambling. They offer a free download of their newest game, the \"scorpion\", which can be played right in your browser. Wintry Paradise also offers a variety of casino games including slots, video poker, blackjack, roulette and more. While there are not currently any slot tournaments on the site, there are several freeroll tournaments that are active every week. Players can cash in their points and win exciting prizes every time they play.

The next site on our list of Michigan's best casinos is the soaring casino, Tra Casino. Tra Casino is strictly a land-based casino with live dealers and no online casinos. Tra Casino is located in Novi, just outside of Detroit. While Tra Casino does not have any live dealers, they do allow you to play against a computer interface; something that the majority of online casinos do not offer. Tra Casino is currently playing at a rate of over twenty-five percent above the national average and is poised to only continue to increase in future years as more people discover this state's natural beauty and fun!


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