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Thursday, 27 of May, 2021 by Rob Michigan


There are many reasons why people would want to bet on Michigan football games. It is one of the more popular teams in the Big Ten. One could argue that because Michigan is such a well-respected school that people should trust them on their betting decisions. The fact is that this is a team that has never been one to do poorly in the Big Ten. However, what does that mean for the upcoming games?

betting michigan

Michigan State is one of the top teams in the conference. The recently fired Mark Dantonio was considering a good coach and recruiter. This should help give the new players a good feel for the team and how it is run. Expectations are high for this team and the fact that they have won six of their last seven games gives them confidence heading into this tough season.

Unfortunately, Michigan State does not have the depth that some of the other teams that play in the conference has. They do have a star running back Kerry Cook but Cook is coming off of an injury and is doubtful for this year. Other key players to watch for include junior college transfer Tyrod Taylor and true sophomore Cassius Marsh.


betting michigan

betting michigan

The opposing Michigan team has to be watched closely by the betting public. The Michigan State football team is loaded with talent and has proven over the years that they can do some damage to a team that does not have the depth to counteract it. This will be the test to see if the new recruits and transfers can fit in and play well enough to win this year's game. This could turn out to be a great season for the new coaching staff and a bad season for the one that has been there forever.

Both teams are young and each team must prove itself. Michigan State had had trouble with younger teams in the past such as at Ohio State. This does not mean that the Huskies are a bad team; quite the opposite. It just means that this one will have to play Michigan State tough in order to win.

betting michigan

Michigan has a lot of upperclassmen on their roster that have been recruited for their careers. This is part of the reason that this team is so dominant on the field. They have a number of players who can play at a high level. It will be interesting to see how much this team can rebound from last year's disappointing season. If they can't get it going quickly this year, there won't be a lot of chances for them to get it going in the future.

The fact that Michigan is playing a team that is not ranked has never helped the Hogs. The Big Ten is known as a tough conference and the rest of the football is. Expecting this team to perform against teams in the Power 5 and the rest of the Big Ten is foolish. However, this will be a season that will help establish the fact that Michigan State is the better team and can challenge for the top spot in the conference.

The biggest issue for this team this season will be whether or not injuries will impact their performance. Getting more bodies on the field and having more experienced players on the field will only help this team. Expect this team to surprise quite a few people this season including the rest of the Big Ten. Get your Michigan State fan tickets early to this fun match-up.

When I was watching last week's game against Penn State, I thought that MSU could have used a couple of more bodies on the field. There weren't too many offensive plays run like they should have. MSU just didn't seem to know what to do the entire first half. This could have been a big mistake considering the age of the Nittany Lions. They are also playing a team that is considered a true powerhouse this season.

For the rest of the teams in the Big Ten this season, don't make the mistake of putting Michigan State in the same category as those mentioned above. This is a legitimate basketball team that should be taken seriously as far as this season goes. The games that they play this season will be crucial to determining who wins the East and becomes the No. 2 teams in the conference. You'll want to make sure that you're betting with your money on this team, instead of someone else's.

If you follow these betting tips when betting on Michigan State, you'll be able to come out ahead more often than not. It's always important to go into each game with a realistic handicap, regardless of who your favorite team is playing. The biggest mistake that people make is betting with their emotions, rather than their gambling skills. Keep your wager at a reasonable level and you'll be able to win more often than not.


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