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One of the greatest upsets in recent memory was the announcement by World Series of Poker champion tournament winner and World Poker Tour star poker player, Matt Hayes that he was joining the recently formed promotion called \"Millionaire Boys Club.\" Millionaire Boys Club is an online poker room that will allow its members to play in real time tournaments for a guaranteed prize. Matt was one of the highest rated poker players on the world of online poker and his decision to join the club was one of the biggest boosts to the online poker scene in recent memory. This is a site that is not associated with either the WPT or the World Series of Poker but does offer players a great opportunity to make some quick money in a tournament setting.

michigan pokerstars

Although Matt had been a regular participant in Michigan poker events for years, the Millionaire Boys Club tournament was something of a unique experience for him. Previously he had never entered a buy-in tournament, as he did with the World Poker Tour. Instead he had always entered in buy-ins at regional events. The Millionaire Boys Club put him against some of the best players in the country and even featured European players such as Daniel Cates and Robin Wilkins. Overall this was an outstanding experience for Matt to be involved with and he ended up winning the main event and the Millionaire Boys Club was born.

The next big name in Michigan online poker Michigan pokerStars was none other than Russ Hamilton. He had also played quite well at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas, but his appearance at the Millionaire Boys Club set him apart from the pack. Russ has always been open about how he got into poker and despite the fact that he is now a professional, he still plays quite a bit as a hobby. This appearance though led to a lot of publicity for him and he quickly began to rise in the ranks of Michigan online poker mouses. He went from being ranked # 116 to being number one.


michigan pokerstars

michigan pokerstars

Russ then won the tournament that he was placed in, which put him in the top spot for players who finished in the top twenty-two. Not long after he won another tournament which took him to number four in the world. It was at this point that everyone in the tourney took notice. The fact that Russ Hamilton was now amongst the top players in the world was quite remarkable and no one knew what he had been doing to climb to the top.

With his win at the World Poker Tour, he finally became a legitimate player in the world of tourneys. While most players join tourneys in order to win money, Russ came in with the idea that he could earn some and give back to the community by helping them out with their buy-ins. After about a year of helping raise funds for buy-ins at his fundraisers, he finally decided that he wanted to try to join a tourney. What happened next has become one of the most famous stories in the history of the game of poker.

michigan pokerstars

Russ got up on stage at the main event and introduced himself to the crowd. When he did he was asked if he wanted to join the tournament and he said \"hell yes\". The crowd just erupted in laughter and then asked him what he was going to play. Russ looked at them and said \"Oh I just want to play, but they won't let me so I will have to play myself\". That's when he shocked everyone by showing up at the tournament with nothing but a pack of golf clubs.

Russ Hamilton entered the tournament with only two decks, but ended up winning the whole thing. Not only did he win the whole tourney, but he also won every other tourney that he entered and came in at the top of the rankings. While this may seem like an exaggeration it is factual. He did win the big one and did it while playing against the best players in the world.

All of this information is from the Michigan Poker Stars site. For all anyone who didn't participate in the tournament know that they were virtually stomped by Russ Hamilton. While he may be a little arrogant in his dealings with the press, he is a great poker player and has a great personality. You can learn a lot about tourneys and players by watching the Michigan Poker Stars videos. For all the naysayers out there who think a player can't win a million dollars just because they play themselves to death, give Russ Hamilton a shot.

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